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College Socialists Want a Conservative Professor Fired for an Insane Reason

College campuses are rapidly descending into madness. The civil unrest seen at a handful of universities in the 1960s has regrettably become commonplace on campuses today. Now one band of college leftists is demanding a conservative professor gets the axe…

MSNBC Tried to Bury Bad News About the Mueller Investigation

Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump is a disgrace. After over two years of investigating, it’s becoming clearer that Mueller’s probe is a witch hunt. Now MSNBC and other left-wing networks are trying to bury that fact. A USA Today/Suffolk…

Jim Acosta Got Caught Telling One Ridiculous Lie That Just Destroyed CNN

CNN continues its disgraceful attacks against Donald Trump. One of the network’s most dishonest and obnoxious personalities is White House reporter Jim Acosta. Now Acosta got caught telling one ridiculous lie that just destroyed CNN. Recently, on CNN anchor Brooke…

Liberal Hack Watch

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